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We design spaces! Below are some examples of before's and afters. Please feel free to ask for a quote.


Ember Nightclub was one of the largest jobs we have done. We started with talking to the owners about what they saw as the future for the bar. They wanted to take it from a bar environment to more of a nightclub and focus on bottle service and VIP. We had 3 weeks to complete this remodel.

Highlights of Ember's Remodel:

Full exterior and interior paint

8ft Mirror Installation

Several custom LED/Neon signs

LED under bar lighting

Greenery install 

Frost install

Smart color changing light bulbs

New lighting above main bar and VIP

New plants/table greenery

Selfie area


We worked with the Hustl3 C1t4 crew to transform a plain white room to a custom store in 3 days. We painted all of the walls gray with a blue accent wall and topped it off with a black floor. We built and installed the shelving and clothing rail system as well as installed LED lights under the moulding at the top. We purchased a new door for the entry and painted and frosted the window. We put some vines in the windows and some art on walls that was custom made for the owners. 

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